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Manuals. Arguably the least read genre of literature of all time. When our technical writer began his career and people asked him to describe his job, he would joke, “I’m a prolifically published author with zero readership.” But he refused to let that be the end of the story. Why don’t people read manuals? In theory, they should be the most read documents in the world because they contain the information needed by those who receive them. The answer was three-fold:

1. Manuals are often poorly written.

2. Manuals often never elevate the reader’s understanding of technical knowledge to the level needed, but rather assume it from the beginning, leading to intimidation.

3. Manuals make finding the necessary information difficult.

With this in mind, Swift & True Media focuses on, not dumbing down the content, but educating the reader to be able to comprehend the manual. This is done through careful illustration, creating metaphorical reference points from the readers’ everyday life, and carefully explaining the unique properties or processes to ensure the ideas communicated are clearly understood.


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