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Editing Services


The most important thing every indie author needs is a team of outstanding editors. The #1 complaint readers have against indie novels when compared to traditionally published books is the technical quality is poor. Too often, the frequency of these errors ruins the enjoyment of an otherwise great story.

So you can rest assured your book is receiving the best quality review, you are entitled to a FREE 2000-word trial of any part of your manuscript. We recommend sending something from the middle of your book to see just how much our services can help; the beginning and end often in the best shape and can give writers a false sense of security that the entire work is just as polished.

But of course, we know the main reason indie authors skimp on the editing is the price. That is the reason we not only offer some of the best pricing in the industry, but we also offer unique payment plans! Most editors require you to commit the entire novel to them. Not Swift and True Media. For those on a tight budget, we offer our service in 10,000 word increments.

Swift and True Media did an excellent edit for my romance novel Big Gray. The novel was already published and was receiving negative reviews due to grammar and punctuation mistakes. Eric responded to my request immediately and worked with my tight deadline to have the book edited and proofread in less than a week. He went above and beyond a simple proofread; he left me notes with inconsistencies that he found in the plot and suggestions for changes which were more in line with what [line edit] covers. After Eric’s edit, my book has received only five star reviews on Amazon. I would definitely work with Swift and True again for my next novel!

Ina Carter Author of Big Gray
Ina Carter

Base Rates

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Formatting Services


For indie authors ready to publish their book, Swift and True Media offers formatting services. We offer print formatting for writers planning on using physical distribution through platforms like IngramSpark. We also offer ebook conversion services (both .mobi for Kindle and ePub for all other platforms). Not sure if you have everything you need? Go ahead and contact us, and we’ll help you understand everything your particular project needs before you hire someone to prep your book.

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