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The Catch-22 Small Businesses Face for Marketing

You’ve finally done it. You bit the bullet, you took your leap of faith, and you started your own business. The Fates threw you a few curve balls. Some you managed to just lay down a grounded single with a sigh of relief, and others maybe you homered out of the park. Now, at last, you feel stable. But you also know that you can’t rest on your laurels. A small business is just one set of unexpected losses from being in serious financial trouble. You need to grow, but you’ve already maxed out your current channels. You would like to hire a marketing team, but you’re concerned about cash flow. Yet you know that you can’t afford to wait for demand for your product or service to magically appear

Outsourced marketing to the rescue! Hiring an outside firm lets you scale your marketing budget more gradually as the results come in, rather than hiring your own team at the start. A bottom-level Marketing professional can demand a salary of $40,000 per year. Add on insurance, the technological hardware and software the position demands, and all the other overhead, you are easily looking at a $60,000 investment. And, normally, those employees have one, maybe two, specialties. Hiring a full-scale marketing team will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But outsourcing? Pay as you go. At Swift and True Media, for example, you could get a website, weekly blogs, and a PPC or social media campaign for less than half of what a single employee would cost. Depending on which you need, you might get a single service for a full year for less than 10% of that employee. That’s because you are only paying us for the time we spend working for you, not a permanent employee and all the expense that comes with it. You don’t have to constantly find work to keep an outside firm busy. If you’re happy with the way things are going, you just get to see results as you gradually increase investment in marketing.

Finally, when the scale reaches the point you’re ready to hire a full-time employee or team, it can be an easy transition (with the right Marketing firm). Many only require a 30-day notice to end service. But some will try to hold on to your business by making things difficult. At Swift & True Media, however, we’ll happily assist you in the transitioning service. After all, we want your recommendation, and we also want to be the first person to think of if something unexpected happens and you need our services again temporarily while you search for a replacement.

And that’s the answer to the Small Business Marketing Catch-22. When you can’t afford to hire your own Marketing team, but you also know you can’t afford to not continuing to invest in your business, find an external partner whose business depends on its reputation and success stories. Let’s rise together to keep our dreams alive.